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  1. Funny enough as I watched this video another video on the was for tamales de elote sonorenses which is the style that El Cholo's are using – it's almost the same recipe. The owners were from Northwest Mexico, I read that online, and I'm guessing probably from Sonora. It's nice to know the origin of where a certain restaurant is using.

  2. We r Indian.
    Same recipe just like tamale.but ingredients
    Turmeric leaves
    Rice flour
    Coconu+jaggery +1/4 tsp green cardamon]
    Sweet dish govan dish
    Banana leaves and marinate fish
    Sindhi dish
    Patranoo machi
    Hindi name.

  3. We r not Mexican but we love Mexican food
    Chicken mole
    Tamale all indigene
    Corn skin,and corn flour,
    Many tamale recipes saw
    May bhi tomorrow I make tamale. Thanks.

  4. I moved out of town about 20 years ago, but I remember El Cholo’s tamales as being the best I’ve ever had. Moist, tender, light, fluffy and a little bit sweet. The tamales I’ve had since moving away are rather dense and taste like masa. El Cholo’s tasted like fresh sweet corn (their use of cheese was actually very light). I’m going back soon and I hope their tamales are still as good as I remember them.

  5. What love and pride I see in your traditional tamales! I hope the next generation continues in your way! We want our kids to keep traditions like family recipes alive, not just in our tummies, but in our hearts! May the One True God Bless your lives and your families lives! ❤️????❤️????❤️????❤️

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