Absurd Vintage Recipes From Early 1900s America

Jasmine is going back in time at the Tasty kitchen and making three recipes from the early 20th century: banana candle, lime …


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  1. Pineapple slice: ok
    Banana: nothing weird
    Cherry on top: yah sure
    Drizzle the mayo: WHAT THE FOCK IS THAT

    I actually like mayo, it just doesn't sound right in this combo ????

  2. I laughed so hard that I was jumping in bed and woke up my husband… Can't have enough of these "face expressions" with the candles… ????????????

  3. Inuit: i labored hours to carve blocks of snow and ice and form them into a domed shelter to protect me from harsh arctic winds.

    White people: Look! I made it out of meat!

  4. She rocks that outfit!! I fell off tasty for a while bc I just didnt find their episodes appealing anymore…. until i came across jasmine. How have i been snoozing on her all this time ????????‍♀️

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