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  1. Looks SO delicious – thank you! ☺️ But I am surpised, no garlic? It's very helpful that you put the Indian names of the ingredients in the printable recipe. Blessings from Canada! ????????

  2. Thank you for this recipe I have been getting eggplant from people's Gardens and I wasn't sure what to do with it. This looks delicious and I will definitely make this

  3. Living with a south Indian man you have honestly rescued me greatly. I've learned to make so many recipes from you and just wanted to say thank you for sharing your recipe you make it so easy to learn..I've gotten so many comments from my cooking and the credit is all from you..thank you????????

  4. Dearest Manjula, just want to say: I have watched you for years and you are such a creative and pleasant teacher. Gratitudes for sharing your talent with us around the world. Simplicity, structure and great results in my kitchen is a thanks to you!
    Greetings from Sweden/ Soody

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