Can I Make This Indian Dessert That's Been Translated 20 Times?

Katie gets revenge and has Jasmine make “Farm on the Moon”. Will she be able to find the answer? Follow Jasmine on …


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  1. Things are getting more and more chaotic on set ???? Love you all so much, thanks for your continued support!

    We have a fun one for ya on the next one. Stay tuned!

  2. I cannot describe how much I ennjoy Jasmines progression from anxious and nervous to make a mistake to happy and just going with the flow. It is so much fun to see her try what she wants in the kitchen and it makes me happy for her that shes much more relaxed now

  3. I’ll be giggling about garlic jalebis all day. ???? To be fair, my guess had been ginger, not saffron, so I would have been wrong too. But ginger jalebis sound pretty good.
    The garlic ones I could see working with a spicier syrup (adding chilli flakes).

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