Can These Chefs Turn This Alien Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty

Tasty Chefs Hannah and Katie compete to turn Zachlewis’ alien drawing into delicious, real-world dishes. Which one will be truly …


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  1. Ughh I love Hannah she is soo cutee and pls make more videos with her I saw this only because there was Hannah in it i immediately recognised Hannah by her blue hair because I watch mom in progress soooo muchhhh bye love you Hannah pl convey it to her plss

  2. Just realised something;
    You know how tons of people were struggling with the big pancakes on the Internet? Tasty, How To Cook That, and tons of other creators, I just had an idea. Pick up the pancakes with a spatula, then flip the pan. Put the pan on the uncooked side, then flip. Easy peasy. 🙂

  3. Hope you can make I teach you cook for adults like me who loves to cook but I am having a hard time like I am so happy to be able to cook fluffy scrambles. I want to learn to cook with fun. I hope you can make my request dream come true I love eating so I want to learn cook

  4. I feel like every single time they make those things sweet for children they just use a lot of unhealthy/semi-ready processed food and like, whyyyy. Your job is cooking!

  5. I can't believe this. He chose the weird thing that adults get when their tryna feel fancy rather than the super cool thing. Guess kids nowadays have a more refined pallet.

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