Can These Chefs Turn This Snowman Drawing Into Real World Food? • Tasty

Tasty chefs Alix and Rie square off to transform Malia’s Snowman sketch into amazing, edible dishes. Which dish do you think will …


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  1. Sushi? Expensive? Really? It's cheap where I live. You can get a roll for like $1.50 AUD, sometimes. Although the prices have gone up a bit because of cost of living stuff.

  2. In my household, we call muddy buddies “puppy chow” don’t know why, it’s just what my family has called it for decades

    How I make them:
    Melt chocolate
    Add peanut butter into said melted chocolate
    Take Chex cereal into your concoction
    Drown them in powdered sugar

  3. Alix's muddy buddies weren't working because she didn't let the chocolate-peanut butter mixture on the heat for long enough. Therefore, it got thicker and was hard to mix in.

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