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  1. yo i swear even though ik its not like everybody would like it me personally i love me some balut(fertilized usually duck eggs) and i swear i searched it up and it say vietnamese coriander(râu răm) its just good man. to be fair id like the big bony ones i like the more fatty ones yk

  2. comfort food? you definitely HAVE to try making dal (aka varan), rice, okra sabzi (bhindi ki sabzi) and modak!!!
    this is Maharashtrian dish (from India) people usually eat after fasting and is sooooo comforting!

  3. I just want to give you a good information u might not know. NO MAN THINKS THAT NAILS ARE GOOD LOOKIN. I know u gonna write "we dont do this for man etc." But PPL PLS LET ME KNOW, is it confy and feel natural to have nails like this or even longer ? Its no hate. Just tryin to make ur lived easier.

  4. Something I've only EVER heard Asian daughters say: "I had to [FILL IN THE BLANK] in order to impress my mom." Or "please my mom," or "gain my mom's approval…" ????

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