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  1. i've made this dish many times. it's excellent. thanks very much for the recipe. you are a great teacher and your cooking is a great source of inspiration. thanks again!!

  2. Hi Manjula,
    Are you using split washed white urad dal in this recipe? I saw on your website the several different kinds of urad dal and this looks like what your using. Also do you need to soak or cook the urad dal before using in this recipe? I haven't used this dal yet so it is new for me.
    Thank you very much!

  3. I am happy to have found your videos and excellent teaching of how to cook such amazing recipes. I have great success with all of them. Very delicious and healthy. Thank you.

  4. Manjula Ji, i am 27 and trying my best to cook each recipe best possible, and i dint know how to make this frozen vegetables the best, now i am soo happy i have your video to take help from for making best out of frozen too. Thank you Aunty. God Bless You you remind me of my mom in India!!!

  5. Namaste Manjula!

    I subscribed to receive your excellent videos, and today I received an email which prompted me to see your latest video. Thank you and your videographer for bringing your kitchen to so many.

    Wishes of health and a wealth of happiness to you and yours…

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