Gulgula (Indian Mini Donuts) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Happy Diwali… thank you for all your recipes.. You’re very sweet and that’s why your food
    is delicious… p.s you have a beautiful kitchen

  2. i am not Indian but you are such a great teacher, i made your eggplant dish for my daughter-in-law a few times now, thanks for great videos! will make these for my grandson so he doesn't have to eat Tim Horton's bits

  3. My grandmother used to make it for an evening snack during Summer vacation when I used to stay with her ,thank u for reminding me of my childhood memories.

  4. i tried this even though i did not have fennel seeds, but it still tasted great. the only problem i had was that they came out like flat irregular discs instead of round looking like yours. what could have gone wrong?

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