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  1. I've been making your hari chutney recipe for many years. Just last night I happened to read your blog post from February 2019 when you shared the tip about blending with ice instead of water to preserve the bright green color. Wow! You were telling the truth about how well it works. I'm still in shock! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful tips and tricks.

  2. Thank you, Auntie Manjula! I've been trying by myself to duplicate this recipe and been failing for many years. Now I know what I was doing wrong, and also how to extend this delicious flavor to dips, and dressings. I brush it on my vegetables. It's very good on cauliflower.

  3. Hello Manjula, thank you for the part you play in introducing us to Indian cuisine. I cooked for Harish Johari years ago and have loved finding you on the internet to continue my explorations of this wonderful cuisine.

  4. I have just done it, following your recipe…OMG how delicious it is. Hope I can save for my indian dinner of today with my yoga students….It's so good…I have to stop eating it!! aha ah I will serve it with dhokla, besan dhokla. My favorite. thanks for your recipes…..

  5. Thanks SO much for this recipe! I must have made it 20 times more often than any other recipe I've found for dipping sauces or chutneys on the internet.

  6. Very refreshing chutney, thank you Aunty Manjula. Keep inspiring… I hope you will share a vegetarian mayonnaise soon (without onion, garlic, and egg surely)

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