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  1. I did it! I find my Cinnamon Rolls were more delicious without the frosting i didn't put on, because it changes the taste which becomes too sweet, next time i put some raspberry or chocolat in the dough hummy! When i was reviewing the recipie i didn't note the flour measure correctly, i got 4 cups instead of 5, then i added 1/4 cup more. Indeed the dough was a little sticky when i cut dough rounds so i cut it gentlely but it works anyway! I wouldn't change my measurements, but just a little more flour on the work surface. The texture was so soft & fluffy & delicious! I didn't put a lot of cinnamon powder because 2 tbsp is way too much! i just put a bit everywhere that's all. The taste was perfect! A total of 19 cinnamons rolls! Its still soft & tasty after the days! Could heat it a little in the microwave if desired, it's even delicious cold!

  2. I made mine in a regular 9×13, 12 rolls instead of 14 and 25 mins bake time was perfect. They don't last long in our home but still really good and moist the next day.

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