Homemade Red Beans and Rice Recipe

This delicious homemade red beans and rice recipe is jam-packed with Cajun country flavors and is perfect for grazing on all day …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. This is Pearl’s husband – we watch you often and love the way that you make things sound and look so easy and delicious! Keep up the great work and you sure look good with that new cooking space wrapped around you!

  2. JFYI… The ingredients on your written recipe are different from the ingredients being posted on your YouTube channel. Which do you suggest we follow? Looks like an awesome recipe

  3. Made this for my kids last night…I also served some Country Loaf I made that yesterday with it — they loved it and REALLY loved the bread! Keep the recipes coming.

  4. Red beans and rice isn’t a Cajun dish, but otherwise not a bad recipe. Except that isn’t andouille sausage. May have been sold as andouille, but it’s not.

    Also, any “Cajun” dish or other south Louisiana dish that involves meat – the meat always gets browned first and the veggies sweated in the fat from that. This is one of the tenets of Louisiana cuisine.

  5. Yum…my grammy called this hoppin johns . I forgot about these. Will be making them soon. Thanx for the reminder. Peppers for us were hot and added cayenne and chili powder.

  6. I paused this video the second you said rice video! YES! Man, I’m a whiz in the kitchen, BUT as my sons say, “if you were on a cooking show and rice was an ingredient, you’d be sent home.” ????

  7. Beautiful! Thumbs up from a Louisiana native. Pro tip – if you like thick, creamy consistency; you can take some of the beans out at the end and smash them. blend them a little and add back into the pot. Some like it where the beans maintain their integrity like you've done. Some like it where the beans have broken down to thicken the sauce.

  8. Chef. One question. If I wanted to make this without meat would liquid smoke be acceptable to infuse that smoked meat flavor? Any thoughts?

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