How To Make 3 Different Recipes With Kimchi • Tasty

TikTok’s Cafemaddy shows us three creative ways of cooking with kimchi! Follow Maddy on TikTok: …


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  1. I just had kimchi for the first time from a bag from the store which I’m sure is not as good as homemade but it is still very yummy! I will be trying to make it homemade someday. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow! Kimchi really does go well with everything! I made a Kimchi Radish and egg scramble! I did not have any spam but in a strange kind of way, cubed pieces of prosciutto worked wonderfully well. I couldn't wait to try it, so instead of putting it atop some rice and sprinkling furikake on it, I sprinkled it with creamy feta and dug right in! It was very different but it worked and I was very satisfied!

  3. After the kimchi spag egg scramble,I'm still not over putting spam with kimchi so I might want to try the pasta recipe with spam instead of bacon ????

  4. I recently discovered kimchi and i must say that if you like pickles you moat probable like kimchi, but i was eating it by itself because i don't know what to eat it with. Thank you for this recipes thay look delicious !!

  5. I recently made my first batch of Kimchi I think it has an acquired taste but I don't want to waste food so been searching for ways to enjoy the dish. Thank you so much for the suggestions especially the creamy pasta, can't wait to try it.

  6. Just had a Kimchi Hot Dog ???? Kimchi is a always go to. I used the IKEA plantbased sausages btw. I highly recommend ????
    Also Kimchi is amazing on any kind of creamy pasta sauces!

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