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  1. Can you please give weights for these ingredients????? I've made these 3 times and it turns out different every time because you haven't given weights for your ingredients, especially the brown sugar. Is it packed? Not packed?? How much??!!

  2. I made these today, 11/23. My dough didn’t come out the same as in the video, but I put that down to something I didn’t do correctly, it was sticky and a bit runny, not too much though. Cooked 3 right away as a tester coz as stated I thought I’d done something wrong, however they came out perfectly (for me/my taste anyway). I’ve got the rest of the dough in the fridge to chill and I can only imagine they will be at least as good after chilling.

    For anyone wondering, the espresso powder doesn’t make them taste like coffee. Like at all.

    Thank you for the vid.

  3. Thee best recipe everr broo
    I was really tensed if this would come out good or not but these came out awesome
    Goey and chewy from inside and crunchy from outside
    Trust the process and try the recipe
    * But the amount of salt was bit extra so i recomment to add less then half tea spoon of salt *

  4. I always don’t understand why i have to add sometimes 1 more cup of flour because my batter is not greasy. I used this recipe more than 6-7 times but always like this. Can someone explain to me why 🙁
    Now i know why. My butter not cold enough and i only put 200g of butter instead of 250g 🙁 I tried just now and it’s perfect just like this vid :3

    My cookies were completely flat and greasy! If you have the same problem:
    1. Listen to her and let the butter cool down.
    2. add more flour and soda. You do not need to add more sugar, because the cookies are already very, if not too sweet.

  6. Y’all need to add more flour than what she does, or else it turns into mush. It’s 2 cups of flour for a recipe on the chocolate chips so add until it looks like cookie dough from what she says. And add both bread and all purpose

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