How To Make The Best Croissants At Home

These perfect croissants are flaky on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside and ideal for weekend baking . What’s not to love …


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  1. Hi from South Africa. I just came across your video earlier today n I’ve been wanting a good croissant recipe for a while now. I tried previous recipes from other people but didn’t succeed. I made them today only I didn’t add the malt or use bread flour or brush with eggs instead I used wheat flour n brushed with milk to keep it eggless as my husband is a vegetarian. Still good. Thank you????????????????????????

  2. I know this video is old so I doubt anyone’s gonna call me back but I accidentally I didn’t wrap it up when I left it overnight like fully. I had it in a bowl and put the wrap over top and have it overnight. Will it mess it up?

  3. Tip : if you are using a low quality butter put the dough in the fridge after every fold so the butter doesn't melt and escape the dough , we don't want anyone escaping ????

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