How To Make The Ultimate Banana Bread

Banana bread is the queen when it comes to classic quick bread recipes. We tested a ton of variations to bring you our ultimate …


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  1. The recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, but that's just way too much.
    I had a feeling it'd end up too sweet, so I only added 2/3 of a cup, and it was still unbearably sweet. I ate 1 slice and I got a stomach ache from all the sugar.
    I recommend adding 1/3 of a cup instead, or even just omit the sugar entirely. Don't forget there's a lot of banana and chocolate there, so it's already sweet.

  2. I tried this recipe and mine turned out to be extremely sweet because I had used very very ripe bananas which were completely black on the outside (forgot them in the fridge) so if you're going to use those I recommend adding less sugar or adding only 3 bananas instead of 4. I poked some holes in my bread and drizzled some instant coffee mixed in water to decrease the sweetness. Hopefully it works. Otherwise the bread is very soft and the browned butter smell is really nice

  3. lol I SCREWED UP SSSoooooooo bad!!!!! I think it was because there was no measurements, only WAY TOOOO MUCH of a few ingredients. Too much vanilla extract! I put enough in to make someone drunk…???????????????? the vid shows a lot, so I used a lot. Look up what other people use. Uh….? Ya….. WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY TOO MUCH!!! Please say how much when rattling off ingredients…. ????????????????????????????

  4. Its the best tasting banana bread ive tried but it still cones out dense no matter how careful i am. What ingredient can i alter to make it more airy and bread like and less dense?

  5. Made it last night!! Absolutely amazing 🙂 mine was a bit dense, I had to mix quite a bit because my brown sugar was stale and hard ???? gonna do better next time with some new/soft brown sugar 🙂 but hey, it was still absolutely the best banana bread I’ve ever had and it was my first time ever baking anything!!

  6. It's unbelievable how you can spend so much time and efforts to create this video but then you don't include all the measurements and then we have to dig and try to find your recipe. Also what happened to good old tasty where recipes were fast. We don't really need to hear all the different methods of Browning banana for crying out loud.

  7. I was a little skeptical because sour cream was listed as an ingredient. However, this banana bread recipe turned out to be a hidden gem. My whole family loved it. I would highly recommend to everyone.

  8. I love how in the vid they didn't say where the sugar butter mixture goes ????. I literally followed the vid and looked over saw a bowl of my stuff just sitting there after I had folded the banana and flower…

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