I Made THE MOST Flavorful Picadillo in Existence

This delicious Picadillo recipe is loaded up with slow-cooked shredded beef and vegetables in a delicious zesty tomato and chile …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Great looking recipe. I can’t wait to try it out. You said, use good beef stock and emphasized. Do you have any recommendations for “good stock”? Thank you. Also, going to try your corn tortilla method. Mine turned out thick and dry last time I attempted them.

  2. Picadillos are commonly made using ground beef. Every Hispanic family has their own recipe traditionally made with ingredients that were readily available depending on the region where they lived. Mexican picadillo is different depending which state you live in and defers from those in the DR, Cuba, Philippines, Puerto Rico and other parts of Central America. Looks interesting. Buen provecho!

  3. Definitely not my country's picadillo, but looking delicious. Really approved. Really love your videos, and Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Big hug from Costa Rica ????????

  4. Definitely making this! Most of the other picadillo recipes I've seen have olives and it just didn't sound like I'd enjoy it. But this one I know I'll enjoy. Thank you!

  5. I'm so confused…. what's the origin of this dish? I'm used to the traditional cuban picadillo using ground beef. This looks more like a tasty fancy stew ( which I'm definitely making and eating with no regrets)

  6. Hi Chef, I was wondering if you meant to say Chile Guajillo and Ancho Chile, rather than Chile de Arbol. I thought Chile De Arbol were much smaller, I’m just curious, as I’d like to do this recipe myself.

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