I Recreated Some Of BTS' Favorite Foods • Tasty

Jasmine recreates some of BTS’ favorite foods! Which is your favorite? Check out @BuzzFeedVideo’s BTS video: …


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  1. I'm vegan so the ones I could have are Jimin's tofu bowl and Rm's Noodles. But I probably would pick them anyways V's sounded nice if I could get a substitute for ribs that would be great… Jk's I can relate to him cuz I love seafood & Sushi :}

  2. Watching this while being hungry in the middle of the night is torture. Everything looks like something I would get at a nice restaurant ????❤️

  3. Hmmm… I am sorry to tell you this, but you are cooking the Kalgooksoo completely opposite way. You supposed to cook the noodles first and veggies and it will give you a better flavor. ^^

  4. When you want to eat Korean food but it's always one of 3: Allergic, doesn't eat red meat or too spicy. My brain is working hard on substitudes right now ????????

  5. Please do Harry Styles's favorite recipe….'Chicken wrapped in parma-ham with boiled potato.'

    Although you gotta get the recipe from Louis.????????

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