I RUINED VEGAN SNICKERDOODLES & Made Toasted Coconut Chocolate Cookies Instead | VEGAN SAMOAS

Today I’m going to show you how to make my version of toasted coconut and chocolate cookies. These are very similar to vegan …


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  1. This is also my first Christmas alone. I'm feeling very lonely and grinch-like, too. It's comforting seeing you still pushing through, baking, and trying to find happiness in little things. Merry Christmas! I hope you're doing well today<3

  2. Calling the failed cookies Satan cookies is appropriate since Christmas and all other holidays such as News Year, Easter, Halloween and any holidays named after Humans, False beliefs have pagan origins so Satan is behind them.

  3. Hush, now! My iced lebkuchen will never be smutzed up with chocolate! The chocolate on these cookies, however, is right on the money : ) Hope this Christmas week isn't unbearable but rather filled with good times with friends, and that 2019 is a better year for you altogether. TFP!

  4. Haven’t even watched the whole video so sorry if you mention it…but I have to ask… where did you find that shirt? It’s SO amazing!! Ps. I feel you pain re Xmas cookies not working out ????‍♀️

  5. Vegetarian Times has the only vegan snickerdoodle recipe you will ever need. It taught me that the secret to taking most vegan cookies to the next level is cornstarch.

  6. My new years resolution, was to give up sweets and be a healthy vegan, than you came along and made my favorite cookie into a homemade vegan delight!! Thanks Candace, Merry Christmas!????

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