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  1. Those gnoccis are a great recipe ????:
    Ricotta/Egg/Flour Gnocchi with pepper.
    With a Fond, Heavy Cream, Dried Tomatoes, Spinach, Crispy Proscuitto, Parmesan sauce.
    I think some Sage instead of Spinach would also be awesome, or both.

  2. There is something so weirdly funny about Katie being flustered and panicking and losing control ???? this episode and when she got to do the translated recipe and the McDonald's india episode… Hilarious ????

  3. Gnocchi sauce recipe
    oil & onion > sauté until translucent
    add garlic & red pepper flakes
    chicken broth, heavy cream, sun dried tomatoes
    add the gnocchi and let them cook in the sauce
    add the oven baked prosciutto on top

  4. when will someone in production tell her to do voiceovers instead of explaining bc she be wasting time and stressing herself out more lollll

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