Instant Badam Burfi (Almond Candy), delicious sweet dessert Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Cardamom is a wonderful seasoning especially if you can't eat spicy food. Thank you for showing me how to make instant badam burfi (I know it is hard to make for weddings! ^.^) but it is a really good dessert to enjoy with friends and a comedy film. Do you have any videos for jackfruit or kathal? Thank you मुख्य Manjula!

  2. Manjula Mam your explanation very nice. recipe presentation very easy and simple way.thank you Mam❤️. Happy Diwali in Advance you and your family ????????????????

  3. I remember eating jalebi from this place that closed down in NYC sukhadias. It used to have that silver stuff on it and I thought it was foil and threw it away not realizing it was edible. I loved the snacks I could get out there. I think their last location was in Jersey, I can't get over there if it remains.

  4. Hi manjula how are you? I am an old subscriber since my teens now an adult but have missed your 2020 videos somehow. Happy to see you smiling and wish you a healthy life!

  5. Thank you for sharing this Badam Burfi recipe dear Manjula Ji, this is a definite MUST MAKE and try, I'm sure we will love it! Thumbs up and greetings from Mexico! 🙂

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