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Sit back, relax, and watch all 6 giant food episodes from Making It Big: Season 3! And stay tuned for 6 all-new episodes on …


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  1. Anyone else who saw WHY the cheesecake-frame were leaking? on the bottom, the corners were like cut a bit up. I believe that's why the batter leaked out, although he had those dry lasagna noodles as a wall as well. The Graham cracker bottom didn't go all the way up were the cut corners were.

  2. hey Alvin I was wondering fries for my brother his birthday is coming up and he dose not like cake garlic and cilantro fries he also likes marinara sauce on the side he is turning 20 and i want him know how his sister cares about him you know what i mean do we have to pay if we do how much please check this message


  3. Can’t believe I missed out on this season and the subsequent seasons of this series! ????‍♀️ I’m definitely going to start watching this series again, both the old episodes and the new ones.

    I feel so foolish because I was gone for 2 years in a vocational rehab program and I was ignoring this series altogether, which was a bad idea on my end.

  4. Don't get me wrong, it's impressive that Alvin's able to make large food in general, but I'm even more impressed at the fact that he did it in the smallest cookware known to man. It's like trying to make a full-sized pizza in an easy-bake oven.

  5. Loved the skit with Santa, I had a good laugh over it. Love watching you cook the very big food dishes, and sure would love to eat some of them. Thank you for the joy you bring to all of us!

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