Makki ki Roti Paratha (Punjabi Corn Bread) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. I like the recipe and was wondering if there are other things I could use in place of Potatoes? I love that the recipe is gluten free. I will make Makki k iRoti Paratha soon, there are so many things I can serve it with. Thank you Manjula, I love visiting your YouTube channel!!

  2. Manjula I first started watching you when I returned from India at the age of 18 and desperately wanted to learn to recreate some of the amazing food I had tasted! Watching your videos relaxes me so much! I have since trained in french pastry(patisserie) and have just started a youtube channel of my own where I teach french patisserie in a simple way. I'll be making tarts, eclairs, macarons, chocolates a lots more. I'd love you to come and have a look! Tri x

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