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  1. Thank you Manjula Aunty for this lovely dish.

    I have tried out so many recipes of yours. They are almost the same that my mom cooks, however a dash of little this and little that in your recipes makes so much of a difference (like Kasuri Methi and dash of lemon juice in this one).

    Thank you so much again and God bless you!!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this recipe! Everyone in my family loves the flavour combination of ‘Peas’ and ‘Paneer’, so I added chunks of ‘Paneer’ while preparing the ‘sabzi’. It was lip-smackingly delicious and made for a lovely weekday dinner.

  3. I made this dish tonight but as a main dish with rice!This was really delicious! I recently subscribed and glad I did! I have noticed you don't use onions any reason why you don't add onions to your dishes? Thank you for the great recipe!!!????????

  4. manjula didi , I live in Taiwan and find your recipes very enjoyable to make and share with others – many thanks and keep it up please!!

  5. This recipe is so delicious, I left out the green peas as I had none. And it was still so delicious. Thank you Manjula, my husband loves my cooking (thanks to your recipes) and I am of Mayan descent cooking delicious Indian recipes. Thank you Manjula.

  6. Namaste Aunti,, I hvbought Mashroom first time ever on my husband's special demand, I m going to try urs recepei, The way u explain the dish is simply Awsome. I usetootry urs recepei earlir,, these all are delecious,, A big thanks for guideing Aunty.

  7. whenever i see your video i never forget to say… O!!! she is so cute.
    Your dishes are really simple, tasty and the way you explain recepie… its simply awesome… love u Manjula Ma'am.

  8. Thanks Manjula Ji.. I just made Mushroom… I "m making Mushroom as I write this.. I didn't have peas so I just added some other ingrediants.. I hope it tastes wonderful.. Thanks again..

  9. You can get fresh fnugreek leaves in any Indian store. It also comes in frozen and dry leaves, in frozen you can find it as Methi and in dry leaves known as Kasoori Methi

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