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  1. Yummy crispy dosais ,I prepared plain ,next time will add in veggies finely,finer than how chopped,so that I can make round Dosai ,thank you ,ma'am .

  2. Can you use regular plain yogurt instead of the Indian kind that found in an Indian grocer. cause the one you find in a Indian grocer comes in big quantities. is Greek yogurt ok?

  3. Hello Manjula,

    Very good demonstration and I have also seen the written recipe. However, the written method of how to make the oat dosa is not there, please please could you e mail same to me. Many thanks,  Yvonne DPenha

  4. yummy and healthy recipe…but query…why you have eno… I mean whats the use…and if it's necessary can I add in whole batter instead of adding for every single dosa…pls reply…

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