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  1. Thanks Majula!  I love your recipes!  I was making sandesh when my paneer became too soft after mixing in the sugar (not sure why that happened).  I wasn't sure what to do and then I found this!  Totally saved me so I don't waste the paneer!  Only difference was I put in ground fennel rather than cardamom (I didn't have any) and people loved it!

  2. Hi Aunti, I like all your recipies and I try them in the evening. I stay with my husband and 4year daughter and I feel it ad my mother's kitchen. Why don't u try easy icecream recipies?

  3. bread crumb has to be fresh, break the bread in very small pieces take 1/4 cup of milk and mix it by hand and the add every thing else. This can be done without food processor.

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