Professional Chef Reacts to The Bear S1 EP1

I’ve been getting calls and texts non-stop from friends, ex-coworkers, family members, etc., all asking me if I’ve seen the show The …


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  1. I worked in kitchens for basically the first 13 years or so of my professional life…started young and always kept with it. Never went to culinary training of any kind…had close friends that did, and I always knew more than them, and to be frank…out-cooked them easily. Never once have I thought of calling myself a chef. My niece, when she was like 8, told her friends I was a chef…had to explain the difference to her, then and there lmao. Sad part is, nearly every chef and sous that I worked under told me "you're such a chef". Never got the opportunity…now I'm in a bakery ???? I suppose if I DO ever get the opportunity, I'll have some bread knowledge to instill in someone ????

  2. I knew that a real chef would be annoyed at everyone being called "Chef." That was Hollywood writers engaging in eye-rolling Koombaya BS right there. "Wouldn't it be great if everyone in a kitchen was equal? Weeeeeee!" LOL. Of course no kitchen could actually succeed like that. There must be a hierarchy.

  3. The worst burn I ever sustained at the restaurant I work at is when I accidentally dunked my hand in the deep fryer while I was trying to wipe the edges clean. I spent the rest of the night with one hand in a bucket of ice. ????

  4. I really appreciate your perspective on the family meal scene bc I thought him saying he didn’t want to try it was a dig at her, but I love that it was Carmy’s confidence in Syd from the start

  5. You’re obviously very talented and your knowledge is above and beyond I might just recommend expanding these reactions to 30 mins instead of 10 and pausing after every 5 seconds, love your commentary.

  6. I'm more impressed seeing your old pix and hearing about your background than the TV show. Although I hear it's good. You strike me as a modest guy, but its OK to toot your own horn. A little! ????

  7. so glad to read in another comment that you rewatch the episodes; i appreciate the live reaction but i know it can have a negative impact on the pace of the show when you’re watching for the first time. anyway, i enjoyed this first episode and i’ll definitely be following along with this series. thank you chef!

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