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  1. This's the first time I watch your videos. I just felt the urge to stop by and tell you that you look so sweet and kind. I felt the love and warmth of a mom's embrace just looking at you talking. I wish I was raised by a woman like you….. Many hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Those chips look really tasty. I may have to pay a visit to the Indian Market to pick up some spices

    By the way, in Spanish a double L is pronounced like a Y. So tortilla would be tor-tee-ya

    Thanks again for another excellent video.

  3. I bought black salt during one of my trips to India. Its smell is not so good as it is the taste.
    It gives a special aroma to the dishes you make. Manjula, you are great. Since the day I discovered you I've been preparing a lot of special indian dishes, very simply.
    thank you. keep on cooking. Love Indian food.:-P

  4. Black salt is one of the variant of edilble salts that is used in our kitchen. Its light pink is colour and is also known as rock salt. Its strong and sharp in taste and is used by indians in various chaats, chuitneys, relishes and as sprinklers on fried stuff. We also season our fasting food with this instead of the regular table salt.

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