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  1. Hello Manjula I have just found you on my iPad and was so pleased to see you making roti mine never puff up now I can see where I have gone wrong after watching yours so thank you very much for showing me i am also going to make some more of your delicious meals for my family I am 81years young and can’t wait to cook them your never too old to cook new food hurrah from Maxine living in the U K

  2. Pranam mataji.. I have one question. (If anyone else can answer me that is good too.) Does this kofta soak up all the water from the gravy, or does it stay the same inside?

  3. Very nice recipe! I have tried it and it turned out really tasty. I have also experimented again by adding Paneer in this gravy.. It was also very good… thanks for sharing!! loved it

  4. fabulous looking recipe. is it possible to substitute frozen spinach (defrosted)? how much would you suggest?

    also one thing that would be really useful eg for tomatoes/ potatoes give an idea of how much raw ingredients are required eg by weight or by counting ( eg 200 g of tomatoes or 2 large potatoes, etc)

  5. Lovely recipe as are all other of your recipes. Please continue sharing them with us. I tried about 10 of them so far and they are all wonderful. Thank you very much.

  6. Thank you Manjula for another great recipe. I love the new format. Very professional. I am going to try this recipe on my friend. He won't eat his spinach. This looks tasty enough to fool him. He will never know it has healthy spinach.

  7. always love your recipes. thank you so much for sharing with us, who never took the time to learn when our moms were close by to teach us!

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