The Art Of Making Noodles By Hand

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  1. 中国式の手で伸ばす麺、漫画や映像ではよく見るんだけど

  2. 5:24 What I'm taking form this is that the most important part to become a noodle master is to be a Chūnibyō.

    Now I'm imagining him screaming "VOLUCANO" and "OSHUEN WAEFU" like an attack name every time he mixes Buckwheat flour with Water. XDD

    But hey, what do I know, I'm a pitiful creature that can only see 3 dimensions after all. ^^ The noodle making is very fascinating though, not gonna lie.

  3. When you open a restaurant and only have one item, or even multiple items of the same variation (like different types of ramen), it's already a guarantee that it's going to be GOOD. I would rather eat there than in restaurants that has a "little bit of everything".

  4. it's too hard,but i want to try to make this one day in my kitchen…I Know it would take so much time to become a skilled one…But i will practice repeatedly to become a skilled one inshallah.

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