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  1. I don't know why everyone literally avery single pasta video on youtube makes the well and then add eggs, when you can just add both in a bowl and mix together and then knead the dough.

  2. All purpose flour. I Cupe some salt and 3 Jumbo eggs blend, mush, crush and add a little flour if it still sticks to your fingers.

    REST. do a final knead and grab a 1/4 cup sizes bit and begin to flatten it out. Go to your PASTA MACHINE and roll it out. Get it cooked and served as soon as possible

  3. So now you're going have to put some shredded low moisture part skim mozzarella, smoke flavored provolone, romano, parmesan, fontina & asiago cheeses on our homemade pasta.

    We can do all homemade pastas served with Kroger shredded italian style blend cheese.

  4. I order my 00 flour on Amazon, and I get 2 bags for $14 so I’m going to try and make the pasta with 2 cups 00 flour and the 3 eggs, 5 yolks…. I’m a little curious as to why you’re showing 9 yolks in the video. Is it because the eggs are smaller? Will it make too much of a difference? I’m gonna try my hand at raviolis tonight. I’m so excited. Yikes…. Here I go ????❤️❤️

  5. I know this is sometime after the original post, however we have lived at sea level and a number of places up to 3000m above sea level. Cooking has had its challenges, but this pasta recipe hits the spot constantly. I’ve tried the 100g -> 1 egg and all the variants. We love thin pasta for lasagne (setting no 7), slightly thicker (setting no 6) for tagliatelle and spaghetti and this recipe caters for all. The ravioli is perfect as there is enough flex when the pasta is thin. It’s never too dry and I don’t have to add oil or flour. – Perfect for us thank you.

  6. I attempted it earlier today and my god the physical labor it takes to knead that dough to a smooth ball is a nightmare. If you got a bad back you are gonna have a bad time. I failed trying it twice even after watching videos and reading recipes. I kneaded it for 20 mins straight! Still looked like dry play dough

  7. you have a lot of vocal fry in your voice psychologist say that is when a person tries to make themselves sound intelligent . I think you sound intelligent just with a contact alone you don't need a vocal fry .

  8. I had to laugh when at the end you said you could get a pasta machine for 20 or 30 dollars!…..have you priced them lately? I paid 40 dollars for my atlas 150 at least 15 years ago.

    I think they are close to 80 bucks now,!

    I weigh my OO flour….120 grams for every egg. Made it with and without olive oil….much better with. Also use my kitchen aid for the beginning stirring and kneading…and that’s just because I am Over 80 years old and the wrists have arthritis in them. Always finish up with hand kneading as I love the feeling of the dough. I hang my pasta up to dry….maybe on a Towel over a kitchen chair…sometimes I jerryrig dowels between to cookie drying racks…whatever is the handiest.
    Sometimes I add some cooked very, very well squeezed out spinach and knead it into the dough.
    It’s fun..and with homemade rosemary bread it’s a treat! Happy cooking!

  9. “There’s LITERALLY a million ways to cut pasta?” That’s a lot! Please do a video on all those million ways. (You DID say “LITERALLY”.)

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