Unveiling the Perfect Cornish Hen: A Step-by-Step Guide

This Cornish Hen Recipe is coated in a garlic and herb rub and roasted until golden brown for the perfect main entrée for any …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Many thanks in 2023 for your Video share, thought I would try something different for the holidays . Your recipes are beautiful and helpful. Thanks

  2. Grew up with just momma and me. We always had Cornish hens for Thanksgiving. I didn't learn to roast a turkey till I was married and she showed me how. 18 pound turkey didn't fit my apartment oven. So she sat on it to flatten it had 1" of head room.???? I am 74 I'll never forget that Thanksgiving.

  3. So happy to see this. I've been thinking about cornish hens as I haven't made them in years and started making stuffed hens in college and it quickly became a stand-out recipe for friends or date night. Will have to try again.

  4. Chef, hear me out. I’m going to have to try the potatoes with the dill. Have you ever tried McCormick Grill Mates steak seasoning on potatoes? It’s my go to with some olive oil.

  5. Chef, thank you so much for this great and easy recipe and not needed to go all the way. Definitely gonna make this one as I am a flight attendant and this year my roster says that I need to fly and this is a great option. Thanks Chef!

  6. I love how you cook.I have never cooked Cornish.I tasted it before from a friend who cooks delicious.I’m going to prepare everything you showed us here.I’ll make a video for my YouTube channel and let my viewers know that it was executed with your help through your channel. My channel is called:Chef Garcia from Hollywood. Thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving

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