Unveiling the Secret to Perfect Lamb Stew

This video was created in partnership with the American Lamb Board. This delicious lamb stew recipe is jam-packed with chunks …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. This looks fantastic. I'd also suggest searching out Anthony Bourdain's recipe for Daube Provençale.
    Orange zest and bouquet garni add the background.
    Lamb does seem to be seriously underused in North America. Great to see it get a mention.

  2. Take out the wine and this is a traditional Welsh dish called Y Cawl, people in Liverpool have their own version too, called Scouse, or Lobscouse.

  3. Now that's a coincidence! I found lamb stew meat at the local high end grocer, so how could I resist. I combined it with mixed mushrooms and put it atop a plate of linguine with a port reduction sauce. Our teeth were smiling with each bite. Now I can see I need to get some good shanks and make a stew. Now who can I find to come over and help eat it?
    11/18/23 – I brought home a couple of good looking lamb shanks and went for it. Billy, the good Lord above must have given you the spiritual gift blending flavors and tastes. I got it to the point where the onions and leeks had been sauteed, the wine added and cooked down, floured it for a roux and poured in the beef stock. Pulled a few sage leaves and stalks of thyme from the garden and added the browned shanks. it'd just come up to a simmer. I used as spoon and grabbed a taste. THAT WAS INCREDIBLE. Maybe it was the leeks and lack of paprika, or ??? but it was so good I nearly dropped the spoon while I savored the taste. When it was finished it was troubling good – I'm supposed to watching calories, not having extra. Oh well, I can go back to the diet on Monday….
    Thanks again for a wonderful flavor feast.

  4. Just has to be fantastic! I've roasted legs of lamb a few times, including shoulder roasts. My family just does not prefer lamb, even though my roasts and stews have turned out great. More for me, I say! Great looking stew!

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