Vegan Whiskey Sour (Foamy with no eggs!!)



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  1. hi! bartender friend here.. i personally do a wet shake followed by dry shake when using aquafaba. first shake drink with ice (this shake should still be long enough for proper dilution), strain, dump ice, then quick hard shake without cubes. double strain into glass. i also use a fine strainer when bottling aquafaba to ensure not getting chickpea particles in customers drinks lol. ????

  2. Try to adjust your measurements to something like 2 oz whiskey, 3/4 oz lemon juice, 3/4 aqua faba, 1/2 fresh orange juice, 1/2 simple syrup, a couple dashes of orange bitters, and shake it with no ice the first time to emulsify everything, and then add a large chunk of ice to your shaker so it will dilute the drink less while still aerating it

  3. A traditional whiskey sour doesn’t call for egg, it’s actually a New York sour that calls for the egg. Most people mistake them, but a traditional whiskey sour is already vegan, the foam with the aqua faba is great though for the esthetics of how most people make a whiskey sour. Also a whipped cream canister may make it easier to foam up the aqua faba with the chargers.

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