What I Eat in a Day for Self-Care (This Year has been Hard…)

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  1. I will always wish the best for you! You look beautiful, absolutely stunning, and you're even more stunning on the inside. I use soo many of your recipes–I only use your scrambled tofu exclusively. I love how you talk about prioritizing self-care. Great video. ????

  2. I've been on a self-love journey for 3 months and have a daily checklist. Ranges from exercise for 2hrs to hot water bottles at bedtime. None of them cost money (except haircare days haha).

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this video! and I make a very similar salad ALL THE TIME! (I add homemade pickled jalapenos to mine…that might sound weird but I love it so what) and sometimes put it in a wrap, but otherwise same same 🙂

  4. The simplest thing that I started (and am trying to do more often) is to recognize when you do something.
    To put it another way… You thank someone who makes you dinner, if someone took out the trash for you, made the bed, drove you somewhere… Then realize that YOU are doing that for yourself and say thank yourself. A little gratitude can go a long way!

  5. Love how you pull your dogs along. They looked done before you were. haha I take my guy on a long walk on a 20ft leash every day and he feels so free. He was a city dog the first 10 years of his life, but instead of feeling happy to run loose now that we live out in country and it is safer to do so, he still expects me to be attached to him so that's how we do it.

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