Which Chef Will Spice Up The Best Flatbread For Rie? • Tasty

Rie challenges Jasmine, Seth, and Alix to put their own personal spin on plain flatbread, and then sees who creates the winning …


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  1. Jasmine:"If i was a spice i would be Sesame Oil, it brings so much flavour"
    – 2 seconds later"
    Jasmine "Let's add some garlic oil"

  2. As someone from trinidad.. for the first time making doubles.. its not bad.. channa a little to dark but not bad and the bara to thick. Try pinching a piece off and flattening it untill almost see through

  3. Jasmine had me on board with her corn, then I was severely disappointed that she doesn’t like cilantro. Cilantro is not bitter ???? it’s very fragrant

  4. Yayyyy it was fun !! N I was right. That coconut chicken thigh with flat bread looked scrumptious. Fair play to the others they looked but that combo just won my heart

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